• 11th Grade Academy Course Descriptions




    Grade 11:


    *Advanced Computer Applications (full year), three college credits – 1 high school credit


    This is a full year course in which students learn more advanced computer skills including Web page design and animation.  Web page design is presented in HTML and Microsoft Front Page.  Flash, which is an animation program, is also presented.  The course concludes with a review of the entire Microsoft Office Suite in preparation for the student’s work-based learning experience.  Students will complete and put the finishing touches on their multi-year digital portfolio.  Students may earn three college credits by successfully completing the course requirements.


    Banking and Credit (half year) – ½ high school credit


    This is a one-semester course presenting the principles and practices of banking and credit in the United States.  Students learn the major functions of banks and other depository institutions, including their in-house operations and procedures, central banking through the Federal Reserve System and current trends in the banking industry.  In addition, the course concludes with an overview of credit functions and operations, including credit-risk evaluation, loan creation, and debt collection.


    *Introduction to Business (half year), three college credits – ½ high school credit


    This is a one-semester course where general business concepts and principles are presented in a lively and engaging manner.  Many “real-world” examples breathe life into the concepts.  The facets of business that are explored include entrepreneurship and forms of business ownership, franchising, economics, mergers and acquisitions, international business and management.


    *Principles of Marketing (half year), three college credits – ½ high school credit


    This is a one-semester course where the central importance of the consumer is emphasized.  The major functions and institutions involved in the distribution of goods and services from producer to consumer are examined.  The student will also become familiar with the interaction of the elements of the marketing mix:  product strategy, distribution strategy, promotional strategy, and pricing strategy.


    World Economics (half year) – ½ high school credit


    This is a one-semester course that covers the basic topics of micro and macroeconomics.  The student will gain an understanding of how our economic system operates.  This includes:  production and sales; money, credit and banking; economic growth and stability; taxation and budgeting; labor/management relations; and international trade.  An emphasis is placed on capital markets to help the student to understand the role that various types of markets play in our overall economic framework.  This course satisfies the State mandate for half unit of study in Economics.

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