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Below are the English Department Mandated Texts taught in class. These selections are in alignment with our curriculum and the Common Core State Standards:

7th Grade

·         Mandated Shakespeare: Twelfth Night

·         Mandated Non-Fiction: Warriors Don’t Cry*

·         Mandated America/World Literature: Slake’s Limbo / Of Mice and Men

·         Mandated Drama: A Christmas Carol / The Million Pound Bank Note

8th Grade

·         Mandated Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet

·         Mandated Non-Fiction: Flesh and Blood

·         Mandated America/World Literature: The Outsiders / The Hunger Games

·         Mandated Drama: The Diary of Anne Frank / The Hitchhiker

9th Grade

·         Mandated Shakespeare: Julius Caesar

·         Mandated Non-Fiction: The Color of Water*

·         Mandated America/World Literature: To Kill a Mockingbird / Night

·         Mandated Drama: A Raisin in the Sun / Twelve Angry Men

10th Grade

·         Mandated Shakespeare: Othello

·         Mandated Non-Fiction: Fast Food Nation

·         Mandated America/World Literature: Lord of the Flies / Animal Farm

·         Mandated Drama: Death of a Salesmen / The Glass Menagerie

11th Grade

·         Mandated Shakespeare: Macbeth

·         Mandated Non-Fiction: In Cold Blood

·         Mandated America/World Literature: The Scarlet Letter / The Things They Carried

·         Mandated Drama: The Crucible / Fences

12th Grade

·         Mandated Shakespeare: Hamlet

·         Mandated Non-Fiction: Freakonomics

·         Mandated America/World Literature: Silver Linings Playbook / Catch-22

·         Mandated Drama: A Streetcar Named Desire / A View From the Bridge


*Parental guidance may be appropriate due to mature scenes and/or language.