Welcome to the Sewanhaka High School Student Activities Page
We take pride in our co-curricular program at Sewanhaka High School. Participation adds another dimension to the high school experience, creating treasured memories.
It also provides an opportunity for students to learn skills and competencies which will help them become competitive in college, career and life in general.
These activities:
  • give our students -              Purpose
  • teach our students -            Responsibility
  • enhance feelings of -           Involvement
  • require commitment of -      Dedication
  • encourage us to strive for -  Excellence 
The following organizations are available for students at Sewanhaka High School:
 Student Government
Student Council
Student Activities
Advisor: Mr. Tesoro
Director: Ms. Amaris
 Class Boards
Class of 2013
Advisors: Mr. Quinn & Ms. Chiara
Class of 2014
Advisors: Mr. Renart & Ms. Herbert
Class of 2015Advisors: Mr. Mirsky & Ms. Morrison
Class of 2016Advisor: Ms. Cavallo
Class of 2017Advisor: Ms. Morratto
Class of 2018
Advisor: Mr. Anderson
Academic Organizations
 Animation ClubAdvisor: Mr. Livi 
 Arts and Crafts ClubAdvisor: Ms. Levine
 Auto ClubAdvisor: Mr. Riordan
 Chess, Games and Strategies ClubAdvisor: Mr. Long
 Chieftain (School Newspaper)Advisor: Mr. Alfino
 FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)Advisor: Ms. Amaris 
 First Lego League/Jr. Robotics
Advisors: Mr. Brustman
& Mr. Mirsky
 Foreign Language Honor SocietyAdvisor: Ms. Graci
 French ClubAdvisor: Ms. Britt
 Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)Advisor: Ms. Zubko & Ms. Licastri
 Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)Advisor: Dr. Borkhuis
 Italian ClubAdvisor: Ms. LaGallo 
 Leader CorpsAdvisor: Mr. Kasimatis
 Mathletes (Junior High)Advisor: Mr. Fanning
 Mathletes (Senior High)Advisor: Ms. Dunphy
 Mock TrialAdvisor: Mr. Nelson
 Model United NationsAdvisor: Mr. Sakowich
 National Art Honor SocietyAdvisor: Ms. Kerschman
 National Honor SocietyAdvisor: Ms. Aiello
 National Junior Honor SocietyAdvisor: Ms. Gage
 Photography ClubAdvisor: Ms. Filippone
 Robotics ClubAdvisor: Mr. Chen
 Sewing ClubAdvisor: Ms. Leventelis
 Sewanhaka GemsAdvisors: Ms. Deegan & Ms. Licastri
 Skills USAAdvisors: Mr. Koscinski & Mr. Reagan
 Spanish ClubAdvisor: Ms. Bascetta
 Students Participating in Community Events (SPICE)Advisors: Ms. Papaccio & Ms. Deegan
 Totem (Yearbook)Advisors: Ms. Prucha & Ms. Walsh
 Women in ScienceAdvisor: Ms. Foley
 Woodworking ClubAdvisor: Mr. Mewhinney
 Music/Performing Organizations
Cheerleaders (Junior High)Advisor: Ms. Blondrage 
Color GuardAdvisor: Ms. Blondrage
Dramatica, Jr. & Dramatica, Sr.Advisor: Ms. Crimmins
FolliesAdvisor: Mr. Tsolekas
Marching BandAdvisor: Mr. Doherty
Musical PerformancesAdvisor: Mr. Doherty & Ms. Doherty
RockettesAdvisor: Ms. Cavallo
Stage BandAdvisor: Mr. Doherty 
Voices of HarmonyAdvisor: Ms. Daloia
 Service Organizations
 Builders ClubAdvisor: Ms. Maher
 Key ClubAdvisor: Ms. Ondris
 MSG VarsityAdvisor: Mr. Aragon
 P.A. ClubAdvisor: Mr. Brustman
 Green Club
Advisors: Ms. Sherwood
& Ms. Blondrage
 Students Against Destructive Decisions (S.A.D.D.)Advisor: Ms. Forgione
 Service ClubAdvisor: Ms. Gordon
 Students and Teachers Against Cancer (S.T.A.C.)Advisor: Ms. Cesare
 Stage CrewAdvisor: Mr. Brustman