March is Maker Month!

For this month’s library contest

Make something Magical and show or tell us how you did it…

Come to the library for more details

Schoology course code: 34Q9C-4VVKX

Crochet  robot  lego

Contest Directions


March is National Craft Month!  Get inspired, get creative, get crafty!  This month’s library contest is a little more hands on.  

Choose a craft idea you are interested in bringing to life, such as: origami, legos, scrapbooking/photo albums, knitting/crocheting, paper mache, clay, pottery, jewelry, sewing, handmade greeting cards, soap making, comic book making, etc.  

This contest is two-fold:

1.  Make your craft and bring it in to show the librarians/put it on display!
2.  Provide an explanation of why you were personally interested in this craft, as well as a list of the materials needed to make this craft and the various steps of your crafting process!  Or, make a YouTube “How to” video!

Bonus points if you make something that is literature or library themed!