Teacher Assignment Links

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1920's Newspaper Resources
Ancient  Civilizations
Benjamin - Biome Webquest
Civil Rights
Doyle - Inquiring About the Constitution
Economics - Personal Finance Project
Famous Criminals
Farina - Entrepenuer Project
Gonzalez - Food Borne Illness
Gonzalez - Nutrition Research Project
Greek Mythology
 Health - Self-Esteem CD Case Project
Health - Research a Health Career
Health - Illegal Drugs
Health - Mental Disorders
Health - Music With a Message
 Health - Pursuit of Happiness
Health - Nutrition
Kaufman - Studio Art Research Project
Krol - Shakespeare
Luzzi - A Civil Action Research
Luzzi - Death Penalty
Muller - Sports Legend Project
Native American Culture
Natural Disasters
Science Fair Websites
Soto - Entrepenuer Project
Soto - Muckrakers
Historical Fiction Comes to Carey
Titanic Research Project
Toner - Egyptian Project
Toner - Mask Project
Vanni - The Great Depression: Children Turn to Eleanor Roosevelt
Historical Fiction Comes to Carey
Historical Fiction Jeopardy Game -8th Grade
Historical Fiction Jeopardy Game - 9th Grade
Wheel of Fiction