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Maria Harley named Teacher of the Month

Congratulations Maria Harley September 2016 Teacher of the Month!

Maria Harley

By Tochi Ukegbu and Hannah Meikle

We congratulate Ms. Harley as Teacher of the Month for September 2016. She has been inspiring Elmont students as an English teacher for 14 years. Whether she is teaching her 8th grade students to embrace figurative language in their writing or debating political issues with her 11th graders, Ms. Harley keeps the energy and the standards high in her classroom. As the facilitator of the Talented and Gifted Program, she challenges students to reach their full potential and believes each child has the ability to exceed traditional expectations. Ms. Harley’s enthusiasm is infectious and her students benefit from her desire to help them learn.  Her experience with last year’s 8th graders continues to develop with the Empowerment Project.  Her lessons inspired students to take action and make a change in the world as they addressed topics such as gender equality and xenophobia. Ms. Harley and students were invited to represent Elmont Memorial at a conference at the University of Connecticut where they shared these lessons with educators around the world. These experiences have had a lasting impact on the students in Ms. Harley’s classroom.  Many students stated that when they enter Ms. Harley’s room they feel transformed and “at peace.” Ms. Harley is extremely deserving of Teacher of the Month! She encourages, inspires and brings out the best in everyone! When you meet Ms. Harley you will definitely be left with an impact!