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Elmont’s MUN Competes at Princeton

Elmont Memorial’s Model United Nations program participated in the prestigious Princeton Model United Nations Conference from Nov. 17-20.

This international conference included students from all over the world including Denmark, China and India. Elmont students represented the nations of Portugal and Bolivia and some of the committee topics included the Arctic conflict, the illegal arms trade, the Syrian refugee crisis, bioethics and the Kashmir conflict. Nearly 40 percent of the Elmont delegates were first time attendees. Head delegates Marvin Pierre and Julie Nwaogbe and co-advisers Nkenge Gilliam and Melvin Kohn worked diligently with the other students throughout the conference exhibiting the talents and teamwork of Elmont Memorial. Team awards were granted in the following committees:

Disarmament and International Security Committee, Portugal
Justin Hendriks – Honorable Mention

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee, Portugal
Julie Nwaogbe and Marvin Pierre – Honorable Mention

Special Political and Decolonization Committee, Portugal
Bianca Coley and Venette Simon– Verbal Commendation

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Committee, Portugal
Buchi Emeagwali and Munahil Sultana – Outstanding Delegate

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Committee, Bolivia
Nneka Emeagwali and Hannah Meikle – Verbal Commendation

United Nations Development Programme Committee, Bolivia
Hannah Meikle and Maya Martin – Verbal Commendation