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Discussion on Race and Policing at Elmont

The Elmont Memorial Students Against Destructive Decisions chapter and The Empowerment Project hosted "Black and Blue: A Serious Conversation About Race and Policing in the 21st Century."

The expert panel discussion included students, police officers and representatives from the Nassau County Assistant District Attorney's office.

The esteemed panelists were Police Sgt. Dwayne Palmer, Raymond Ramos and Nassau County Assistant District Attorney Dana Boylan. The student panelists were Cedrikh Doumbia, Nneka Emeagwali, Joshua Phillip and Munahil Sultana.

Seniors Juliet Jacob and Marvin Pierre moderated the panel discussion, which highlighted current events and the impact of race in the criminal justice system. The event was designed to promote healing and cooperation between law enforcement and communities of color.