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Elmont Memorial Celebrates Black History Month

Powerful words, beautiful musical performances and superbly choreographed dance numbers steeped in rich history highlighted Elmont Memorial’s first-ever Black History Month celebration at Elmont Public Library on Feb. 15.
Written and choreographed by Elmont Memorial students, “The Legend Lives On: The Celebration Continues” was a profoundly moving tribute to African-Caribbean and African-American cultures that have contributed to the fabric of the American story.

“This performance is a true testament to what happens we when empower our students to be creative and share their knowledge and talent with the world around them,” Principal Kevin Dougherty said. “On this night we celebrate the beautiful culture and contributions that have been made by black and brown Americans, as you will see from our amazingly talented young people.”

The stirring celebration included an African dance ensemble, vignettes of historical figures such as Maya Angelou and Jesse Owens, and a Nutcracker Suite ballet performance. Show-stopping musical performances by the school’s senior mixed chorus and eighth-grade chorus, as well as solo vocal performances from several students had audience members completely engaged.    
Mr. Dougherty expressed his gratitude to the committee of students responsible for the presentation and the staff members who volunteered countless hours to make the event possible. He also spoke about the importance of celebrating diversity.

“As we all know we are living in uncertain times, it is as important now as ever before for us to share this country’s stories of struggle and perseverance and continue efforts that will form a more perfect union. We must come together to celebrate diversity and the contributions that have been made by all cultures, all races, all sexes and all creeds.”